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Dolphin bugs that need attention from developers

If anything is in doubt, put it here, and give a description of why you think a developer should look at it.

  • bug #240972 The status line info policy seems to be: if the mouse is over an item, show this information, with priority over the keyboard actions. Is this rigth? Jtamate
  • bug #223680 - Related to using FTP in Dolphin. Can't reproduce but it might be specific to the server software used by the reporter. Lemma
  • bug #227412 - I only get one thumbnailer so it seems like the actual bug got fixed, however when closing Dolphin the thumbnailer keeps creating thumbnails and the jobs don't seem to get cancelled. Lemma
  • bug #228157 - Can't reproduce but there might be something particular I'm missing to reproduce. Lemma

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