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The 4.6-beta1 BugWeek will be from 27.11 till 4.12 :)
{{note|placeholder for KDE 4.6 beta bug triage}}
{{note|placeholder for KDE 4.6 beta bug triage}}

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The 4.6-beta1 BugWeek will be from 27.11 till 4.12 :)

placeholder for KDE 4.6 beta bug triage



Goals of this Week

This bugday tries to improve the quality of the 4.6 release by triaging all recent bug reports (bugs from 4.6-beta1 and the pre-beta versions). We can also check if the bugs for 4.5 apply for 4.6.


how to help with 4.5.3? Needs more information

You should have a recent version of KDE, preferably trunk or the beta 1 release. You can still help if you only have the 4.5.3 release though.


Some packagers provide LiveCD/DVDs to faciliate testing:


For some distributions pre-compiled and -packaged versions of trunk or the beta are available in additional repositories, ready for consumption:

  • add distribution and link to instructions here


If there are no packages for your distribution, you can always build KDE. kdesrc-build is a nice way to get the newest code and have it compiled for you. Be sure to get the sample rc from trunk

Is it a big bug?

Prioritizing is good. If a major application doesn't work, this should be taken care of.

Keep this page updated!

After adding triaged bugs on this page, you should keep an eye on their bugzilla status. Add yourself on the CC field in bugzilla to be informed about updates. When a bug is closed on bugzilla, it should be updated on this page.

You can do this with the tag <s>...</s>


Tell developers what you are testing with. (If you expect to upgrade between now and BugDay, put what version you are using now next to the bugs/comments that you put on this page.)

Please give distro/version or SVN branch/trunk with revision below (or just beta1 if you're using that). It would be helpful to add what distribution you use.

IRC Nickname KDE version used for testing Distribution
Brot 4.6 beta 1 Kubuntu 10.10


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