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* [[/KonquerorOngoing1|Konqueror]] (... or of those)
* [[/KonquerorOngoing1|Konqueror]] (... or of those)
[http://www.glassblownpipes.net/categories/Glass-Blown-Pipes/ Glass Pipes]
[http://www.glassblownpipes.net/categories/Glass-Bubblers/ Glass Bubblers]

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This page contains links to the pages for all past bug triage events.


Next Bug Day

The next Bug Day will be 10th October 2010 and it will the first KWin Bug Day: http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Bugsquad/BugDays/KWinDay1

We don't just do bugs on BugDays! Don't hesitate to join us at #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.net, we have plenty for you to do. ;) Check the topic to see what we are currently working on. And if you are new, please read the "how to triage bugs" page.

Previous Bug Days

A Bug Day is where the Bugsquad goes back through bugs in bugzilla for a particular application and closes all reports that are no longer valid.

Previous Krush Days

A Krush day is where the Bugsquad tests the target application and reports all the bugs they can find in it.

Previous bug triage events

Prior to the convening of the Bugsquad in its current form, there were a number of Bug Triage and Krush events. Tehcbase pages used for these events can be found below.

Special triage pages

  • kdelibs (If you're bored, you can pick some of those :)

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