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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://bugs.kde.org/ Bug tracker]
*[http://bugs.kde.org/ Bug tracker]
==KDE PIM Bug Weekender, Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th October 2006: Tasks==
* Bille: check all kontact bugs and reassign to correct components.
* bram85: Processing all KOrganizer bugs 'n wishes
* toma, logixoul, pradeepto: Ganging up on KMail bugs

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The Bugsquad tries to keep track of bugs in KDE software and make sure that valid bugs are noticed by developers. You do not need any programming knowledge to be in the Bugsquad; in fact it is a great way to return something to the KDE community if you cannot program.

How to help

Read the guide and join us for one of our bug weekends. We meet in IRC in channel #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.org. You can get started have your questions answered there. Even outside of weekends someone in IRC will usually be able to help you.

Bugs to be done

A temporary place we will use for bugs that need additional attention is the Bugs to be done page.

External links

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