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=  KDE Developer Guide =
created for KDE GSoc students, hosted at [http://flossmanuals.net/kde-guide/ Flossmanuals]
= KDE Frameworks Cookbook =
{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered"
|KDE Frameworks Cookbook
Created for Qt developers
* [https://books.kde.org/frameworks5/KDE-Frameworks-Cookbook.epub ePub]
* [https://books.kde.org/frameworks5/KDE-Frameworks-Cookbook.html HTML]
* [https://books.kde.org/frameworks5/KDE-Frameworks-Cookbook.pdf PDF]
To contribute to the book please clone the repository '''kde:kf5book''', commit your content in [http://warpedvisions.org/projects/markdown-cheat-sheet.md markdown], and then push. Please look at the README for more detailed information.
* IRC: #kde-books on freenode
* [https://projects.kde.org/projects/books/kf5book KDE Book project]
* [https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=15 Task tracker]

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