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[edit] Plasma


Plasma类库 is generally the more interesting meaning of the word, as it provides a scene/view (much like model/view) approach to presenting a user interface. Widgets sit on the Corona canvas, grouped into Containments. Data is obtained via DataEngines and Runners. The entire scene is designed to be viewed in a flexible manner, including zooming and resolution independence.



[edit] 窗口小部件

窗口小部件是画布上的单个组件。还有一些其他的叫法如"小程序"或"图形组件"。Superkaramba主题,苹果的Dashboard, Google Gadgets, Yahoo的Widgets, Vista的边栏窗口小部件, Opera的窗口小部件都是些其他系统的窗口小部件(Plasma也支持其中的一些)。

[edit] Plasmoid


  • 元数据(metadata);(例如: .desktop文件)
  • 图像(svg, png, 等)
  • 配置文件定义(KConfigXT)
  • 代码(C++, ECMA脚本, HTML+JavaScript, Python, ..)
  • ...

[edit] 小程序(Applet)


[edit] Corona

Corona,QGraphicsScene的子类,是Plasma的画布。It contains all of the Containments that exist for the application, providing the "model" for the Views to use.

It handles initiating loading and saving of Containments and Applets and other such canvas-global tasks.

[edit] 容器(Containment)

容器是顶层的系列窗口小部件. 每个容器都有各自的布局和各个窗口小部件的配置文件,与其他容器无关。

[edit] 数据引擎

数据引擎是个插件。 is a plugin that provides a visualization with a standard way to access a body of information. 每个数据单元都是一个"源",源可以按需而建。Sources are updated either when the data changes (例如in response to a hotplug event for the devices DataEngine) or in a timed interval as requested by the visualization.



数据引擎通过"dataUpdated(QString source, Plasma::Data data)"方法 槽把信息发送到每个显示器,每个显示器都要实现这个方法来接受更新。

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