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Konqi, the KDE mascot now also supporting MS Windows


[edit] Introduction

Welcome to KDE on Windows! Here you will find out how to install KDE on your Windows system. Depending on your usage, there are several ways to install KDE. If you just want to use KDE on Windows, you will want to use the installer package. If you are a developer, or just want to follow the development of KDE more closely, you will want to use the emerge tool.

[edit] Install KDE

You can install KDE 4 on Windows using the following, depending on your use case:

[edit] Users

Installer for Windows is a graphical installer to help users easily and quickly install KDE Insert non-formatted text here

[edit] Developers

  • Common problems when compiling KDE on Windows, and how to fix them (especially for MSVC builds)

[edit] Preferred Installation Methods

[edit] Deprecated Installation Methods

The following sites are deprecated at the moment and should not be used unless you know, very well, what you're doing:

[edit] Troubleshooting

If you have a problem or questions, feel free to visit us on #kde-windows on irc.freenode.org

[edit] See Also

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