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Currently, Amarok and Konversation are testing out git to help with KDE's migration. There are also one or two kde-related projects that have started on gitorious (although this is *not* recommended yet!)


  • Explain where to find various kde projects and modules.
  • Explain how to clone them.
  • readonly-use guide
  • contributing:
    • quick guide to gitorious website (copy content from amarok) (this should probably be spread between this page and the Pushing one.)

Projects already on Gitorious

  • Amarok - KDE's favorite music player.
  • Konversation - an IRC client for KDE.
  • kde-qt - KDE’s copy of Qt, containing the latest release, plus patches for Qt that haven’t been accepted (yet) by Qt Software.

FIXME: Is this a KDE project? Why are permissions not set for kde-developers?

  • Project Silk - We've been working with gitorious as an experiment. has a more up-to-date list of kde-run projects. However, that list includes projects that don't use kde frameworks (like KDE developers' personal projects), and experiments, and isn't sorted in any way. We plan to have a better directory of kde-related projects once is up.

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