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Although KDE is currently using SVN, we're working on moving to git. Also, a growing number of developers are using git-svn to contribute to KDE.

There are many resources available for learning about Git; the techbase pages below provide a kde-specific introduction, based on the most common tasks. After those links is a list of external documentation we've found useful.


Note: these pages are not complete. help would be appreciated. :) The idea is to provide information in more of a 'recipe' style than 'tutorial': first provide simple commands that people can use Right Now for straightforward tasks, then links to other pages or external git documentation for the tricky things.

First of all, you maybe want to learn Git. If you don't know basics things about Git, please read this book : It is really well done, easy to understand, and progressive. You'll be able to understand differences between SVN and Git for instance, how to use Git and then why Git is powerful.

Amarok has their own git tutorial, which has a fair amount of overlap with these git pages (we're copying from them ;)

Getting Started


Further Reading

If you want to learn more about git, see the following resources:

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