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Although KDE is currently using SVN, we're working on [[Projects/MovetoGit|moving to git]]. Also, a growing number of developers are using git-svn to contribute to KDE.
{{warning| This page is obsolete. Proceed to [[Development/Git]].}}
There are many resources available for learning about [http://git-scm.com/ Git]; the techbase pages below provide a kde-specific introduction, based on the most common tasks. After those links is a list of external documentation we've found useful.
Note: these pages are not complete. help would be appreciated. :) The idea is to provide information in more of a 'recipe' style than 'tutorial': first provide simple commands that people can use Right Now for straightforward tasks, then links to other pages or external git documentation for the tricky things.
Amarok has their own [[Getting_Started/Sources/Amarok_Git_Tutorial|git tutorial]], which has a fair amount of overlap with these git pages (we're copying from them ;)
====Getting Started====
*[[/kde-qt|Using kde-qt]] (done)
*[[/git-svn|Using git-svn with kde's svn]] (needs cleanup)
*[[/decoding-git|What on earth does this mean?]]
*[[/KdeOnGit|Accessing or setting up a KDE project on Gitorious.org]] (25% done)
*[[/Basics|Basic git commands]] (greeneg)
*[[/Pushing|Contributing to KDE projects on gitorious]] (85% done)
*Handling common git error and information messages (todo)
*How to specify git file and directory version numbers (todo)
*How to organise branches, do comparisons between branches, minimize recompilation when switching branches, ... (todo)
*[[/BestPractices|things to avoid / best practices]] (10% done)
*[[/Intermediate|Taking advantage of git's features]] (20% done)
*[[/Recipes|useful recipes]]
=== Further Reading ===
If you want to learn more about git, see the following resources:
*[http://zrusin.blogspot.com/2007/09/git-cheat-sheet.html Illustrated git cheat sheet] - Overview of the most commonly used commands
*[http://cheat.errtheblog.com/s/git Another git cheat sheet] - Quick reference
*[http://git.or.cz/course/svn.html git <-> svn crash course] - Maps git commands to svn commands
*[http://tom.preston-werner.com/2009/05/19/the-git-parable.html The Git Parable] - Essential reading if you want to truly understand git.
*[http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~blynn/gitmagic/ Git Magic] - A good intro to git (in several languages!)
*[http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/gittutorial.html The official tutorial introduction to Git]
*[http://progit.org/book/ Pro Git] - An easy to understand book on git (CC licensed).

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