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  • Information Retrieval: Search for Resources

When we think of searching and retrieving documents, context can help us by emphasizing the importance of the resources within a certain working context. For example, when working on something related to context representation, and submitting the query "user context" to the search engine, the resources that are also related to context representation but not direct containing the term would also appear ranked higher.

  • Context Assistant Bar

A straightforward application for the detected contexts is the one in which the user is working on his computer and the algorithms watching his actions are able to identify the context in which his actions take place and display those contexts in an "assistant bar". For example, a visualization of the current context can be imagined, where documents, places or people relevant to the context are shown, and the user is able to browse through them. Also, possibly relevant documents can be automatically opened to reconstruct a previous working context. For example, a user working on a deliverable, always opened the relevant publications and also the emails regarding directions on how the deliverable should be structured.

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