Some doubts about translation

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Hello, sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification. Please contact me per email or ping me in matrix/irc if there is something urgent: carl at carlschwan dot eu or Carl Schwan on Matrix

The translation database should have been updated automatically, this is a quite strange. I will investigate. In the meantime I updated it manually. Can someone confirm that this fixed the bug encountered?



22:04, 16 October 2019

Sorry, but it is not fixed. When I try to translate the new messages I see "This namespace is reserved for content page translations. The page you are trying to edit does not seem to correspond any page marked for translation."


06:04, 17 October 2019

Ok it was a permission error. I don't see the error message anymore.

18:25, 17 October 2019

Confirmed. Many thanks for your help.

18:27, 17 October 2019