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No idea if this is even the right place to discuss this, but if it is not or if you have anything else to say, poke RichiH on freenode/OFTC. Anyway, here goes:

I think the best single image to date is the merged A & K entry by Aron Stansvik. It is snappy, easy to recognize and has nothing to do with what Akonadi is.

The most potential lies in a mixture of Flo's and Ben's work. The thicker lines in the second version and the modularity to show what aspect of Akonadi is being used atm is a huge plus. Yet, the new colors lack 'feel' as they pale in comparision to the Oxygen palete. Though not perfect, I vastly prefer the colors of the original version. The gears in the first version prolly make a great default icon/logo, but the teeth are too different from the teeth of the KDE gears.

-- 09:59, 28 April 2008 (CEST)

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