isn't the qt-copy installation going to end with gmake gmake install instead of make and make install ? i$baran

In the environment variables, shouldn't KDESYCOCA be set to something like "$KDEHOME/ksycoca-database" (right now, KDESYCOCA is not set)?

If the purpose is to share the same account to develop trunk (installed in a directory of the user account) with the one used for daily tasks (the stable version provided by the distro installed system wide), you are likely going to execute at the same time applications of each type.

I don't know if I made something wrong, but if I don't set KDESYCOCA, when I execute a trunk application it overwrites the configuration cache (for that user) of the stable applications. For example, if I run trunk kdevelop, stable Dolphin service menus disappear.

Instead, if I set KDESYCOCA in the environment variables of .my-setup, everything is fine. Trunk applications use the specified file for ksycoca database, and thus the development environment is isolated from the daily use environment.

However, I didn't edit the article because I'm not sure if I made something wrong and that's why I needed to set up KDESYCOCA, because it seems strange to me that nobody had had this problem before...

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