Talk:Installing third party softwares in terminal/Build/KDE4/Windows/MS Visual Studio

Compiling On Windows Vista can be a pain in the ass. Lets go over the environment I am using.

Vista MSVC 2005 Professional SP1 Windows SDK 6.0

Don't be alarmed for it can be done. Yeah there is that one script for setting variables, but if your like me skip that step we can do it by hand.

First off, get the svn client. I use svn command line

Second go download Perl Now go download the kdewin32 installer

Download the tools, (dont download Perl, the SDK, or SVN/CVS clients) Download the debugging tools

download openssl, and soprano (it doesnt build for me right now) Download all win32libs except for dbus

Make sure you change the directory to (hint hint)

Done yet ??? Ok while that downloads go put some coffee on.

This is the directory structure of which i used

C:\kdestuff\dl for the kdewininstaller C:\kdestuff\ for the install c:\kdestuff\svn\ for all things svn related c:\kde4\ for the kde dir

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