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SQO-OSS was partially funded by the European Community under contract IST-2005-33331, “Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software”. Several of its results are based on deducting quantified information from the KDE repository and subsequently were used to develop tools which help on improving the quality of KDE's code base.

The English Breakfast Network (EBN)

EBN is a set of scripts running on a server on behalf of the KDE project to automatically analyse source code, user manuals and code documentation. It is of great value for KDE developers who look for junior jobs such as fixing some API comments and updating a unit test. Together with other real-time aids such as the dashboard, issue-driven development happens at a rapid pace in KDE. Hover over the images to get some details on them.

SQO-OSS-EBN.png Eliminating API documentation errors during the KDE 4 beta phase

MDE analysis

The Mean Developer Engagement (MDE) is a metrics which helps understanding the development activity of a project much better than static metrics such as Significant Lines of Code (SLOC). The results can be seen in a presentation given at aKademy 2007.

More information

More information on the project work and results can be found at:

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