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Developing an awesome bar for rekonq

As we are having some problems to organize our work on this stuff, I thought to write here the things I was thinking about for the rocking new rekonq bar.

I'd like to rewrite all code from scratch here, adding features in an incremental way. These are my points, comments and suggestions are welcome:

  1. New urlbar class, based on KLineEdit. Simpler is better and I think no one (will) use more the combobox with the features will provide there. In this level we have just an lineedit, probably storing just a string (remember all problems about UTF8 chars and unencoded urls). It will provide also a "smoother" loading animation.
  2. Add a notification area. On the right of the urlbar. With a simple API and able to show clickable icons about feeds, ssl infos, kget urls and "whatever you want". We have some examples of this in the plasma desktop. And a "libnotification". We need to study and document a bit about
  3. implement show results animation. The best thing here is probably jonas implementation. It was here.
  4. Implement detect results engine. We can use some runners here or reuse the UrlResolver class in the LastBar branch. (Remember: republish it).
  5. Implement tab-to-search. User presses tab to search the first domain in the awesomebar. similar to what chromium does.

About #3 and #4 points, I think it will be better to maintain the "showing animation" & the "results engine" code separated. Again, comments and suggestions are welcome :)

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