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Item Person Done
5 port switch  ?
4 6ft cat 5 cables
2 power strips one currently in box
1 25ft heavy duty orange extension cord.
2 Demo blades yes
"Tip jar" fish bowl or vase currently using KDE mug
2 21" LCD monitors shipped or rented
Pens for booth personnel
Blue table cloth in the color of any of the Oxygen blues need to find still
Heavy duty safety pins
50" Nylon cord.


Item Person Done
Sign encouraging donations
Sign for suggested donations in exchange for swag
1 KDE banner: KDE logo and the "Be Free" tag line in box
30 second "elevator talk" about KDE 4.2
500 copies of a black and white letter sized fact sheet on KDE 4.2
Business cards for eV members and Wade since he is the NA contact.
3 Signs promoting the KDE "What does KDE mean to you" theme. in box
swag currently out
dresswear: blue KDE TShirts and black pants.
distro CDs with KDE 4.2. on them and/or instructions on how to upgrade to it
A set of MP3s that we can play in Amarok that are not encumbered in any way.
Press release announcing KDE presence at show in question
Tell Claudia so she can add us to kde website

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