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Polkit-Qt-1 is the next version of Polkit-Qt, based on Polkit-1. Please be aware these are just development plans, neither Polkit-Qt-1 or polkit-1 are ready for production.

KDE Plans for Polkit

We (as in the KDE team) want to switch to polkit-1 by default just when we will reach feature parity with our polkit-0.9 tools. The KAuth backend for polkit-1 will be made available as soon as polkit-qt-1 will be ready, but not made as default until the requirements above are met.

Fedora/Red Hat people will switch to polkit-1 by default upon Fedora 12 release, which is before 4.4. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver 4.4/KAuth with polkit-1 by default

KDE Release Cycle and Polkit

It is quite unlikely that every polkit-1 tool will made it into 4.4/workspace. We can, however, if everything will be ready by 4.4 release, make KAuth polkit-1 backend default, and provide a separate tarball for polkit-1 tools (just like we did with polkit-0.9 and KDE 4.2), and merging them later in kdebase/workspace. We also want to deprecate polkit-0.9 by making it a separate tarball. Hence the plan would be:

=> 4.4: Have polkit-0.9 in workspace and polkit-1 in a separate tarball

=> 4.5: Have polkit-1 in workspace, and polkit-0.9 in a separate tarball for legacy installations. Put polkit-0.9 in maintenance mode in KDE Extragear.

Polkit-Qt-1 development plans

Complete source/binary compatibility is impossible, as polkit-1 brings extensive changes to design and API.

Polkit-Qt-1 also aims to be a complete in-place replacement to the Polkit-1 gobject library, by wrapping it around to make it Qt-Styled.

For those reasons, we want to have the new library named polkit-qt-1, and be side-by-side installable with polkit-qt 0.9, just like polkit 0.9 and polkit-1. We also want to change the include headers location to /usr/include/polkit-1/polkit-qt-1, and the so library to be named to make it completely separate from the previous one (please note that this naming convention is widely used, for example dbus is named dbus-1).

We will also create a separate FindPolkitQt1.cmake file to make things handled separately.

About the namespace, I think it would be sensible to keep PolkitQt and not PolkitQt1, for a variety of reasons:

=> polkit-qt 0.9 and polkit-qt-1 are meant to be installable together, but should not to be used together. This would not make any sense at all.

=> The name would not make sense as we check the library version at runtime. Other software using the *-1 convention does not take such measures in the API.

Polkit-Qt GUI

Efforts on Polkit-Qt-GUI-1 should not be dropped. The API, though, needs to be cleaned up, also for the removal of some Polkit::Results from the polkit API. we probably want to have a setText(const QString &, PolkitQt::Result) or something like that to let developers set icon/text/Whatever association to a status in a more natural way. [Dario: Fixed that, now the API is way more consistent]

Polkit-Qt Agent & KDE Authentication Agent

We have to extend Polkit-Qt with Polkit-Qt-Agent library as we need it to implement KDE Authentication Agent. It wraps polkit-agent-1 gobject based library. Gnome Authentication Agent could be used meanwhile.