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All KDE Software is free and open source. You are free to view, use and make changes to the code in line with the (L)GPL family of licences. This page describes how this source code is organised and how it can be obtained.

Source Repositories and Revision Control

The KDE Community uses a central online Revision Control system to store all our Source Code and to track changes made to the code. The KDE Community uses Git for most KDE Projects, although some projects still use Subversion. Most developers will only need to use Git, although some familiarity with Subversion may occasionally be required.

Browsing The Code

There are a number of ways to browse or search the code online:

Obtaining The Source Code

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There are three main ways to download a copy of the source code:

  • Directly access the Source Repository to copy the source code as it currently is with a full history of all changes. In Git this is know as Cloning the repository, in Subversion it is Checking-Out the code. This is most commonly done if you want to actively develop the code.
  • Download a tarball snapshot of the Source Repository to bootstrap a Git clone or Subversion checkout. This is a good option if you have a slow or unreliable internet connection. See the Source Snapshots page for more details.
  • Download a tarball snapshot of just the code as at a given time or release. This is most commonly done if you do not want to develop the code itself but just want to use it for a stable system installation, testing a release, or developing applications outside of the KDE Community.

Note that "Checkout" has a different meaning in Git than it does in Subversion.

OLD Stuff To Be Reworked

KDE Base Applications

The KDE Base Applications group is defined as those basic applications that are required by the Workspace and other Applications, such as file management, terminal emulation and text editing.

The KDE Base Applications are available from Git:

KDE Applications

The KDE Applications group is defined as those KDE modules built on the KDE Development Platform that are hosted by the KDE infrastructure and are released as part of the regular KDE Release Cycle, i.e. they are part of the KDE SC.

The KDE Applications group is currently split between Git and SVN:

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