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kdepimlibs Package Dependencies

Package Level Description Comments
Akonadi server libraries >= 1.5.52 Required Access to PIM storage and services
Boost C++ Libraries >= 1.34.0 Required Required by core components Boost must include the boost-graph library
libical >= 0.42 Required Calendar support Needed by the kcal and kcalcore libraries
cyrus-sasl Required Login authentication for IMAP and Sieve
Shared desktop ontologies >= 0.2 Required Ontology information for use with Nepomuk
shared-mime-info >= 0.30 Required Information about filetypes
Soprano >= 2.3.70 Required Storage of semantic data
xsltproc Required Needed to generate D-Bus interface specifications
OpenLDAP STRONGLY RECOMMENDED LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) libraries Needed to provide LDAP functionality in KDE. Used for additional LDAP Features on Windows Systems (System LDAP used as fallback for KDE)
Nepomuk STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Support for the semantic desktop, including indexing of PIM data Nepomuk is part of kdelibs
Prison Optional Prison library Needed to show mobile barcodes of your contacts

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