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Old Kicker & KDesktop bugs valid on KDE 4

As you should know, Kicker and KDesktop (the panel and the the desktop on KDE3) are no more mantained. Some of old bugs/wishes are still applicable on the new panel and in the new plasma-desktop in KDE 4.

This page lists bugs and wishes previously reported to KDE 3 which could be considered in KDE 4.

Bugs & Wishes


  • bug #57963 - If hide button on panels will be re-implemented, it should be tested on dual scren configuration with and without xinerama. On the old KDE 3 there were some hiding issues. There were other bugs related to similar problems.
  • bug #71201 - Panel / systray tooltips behaviour and configuration for KDE 4 has been requested for improving. The idea is that tooltips of all objects into a panel should behave equally. On bugzilla there already are some reports about popup hiding on the new KDE4 panel.
  • bug #72911 - The new systemtray should allow to use the RMB popup even if the main window of the relative application is locked by a modal dialog on that window.
    • This should be tested in trunk.
  • bug #108970 - This is an odd multiscreen bug: the reporter has four monitor and an original setup. This reminds me that even Plasma should be tested with particular monitor setups.
  • bug #106931 - I agree with the reporter: launch feedback in the taskbar should be only in the virtual desktop which will contain the window. I've got some feedback from some users and all agree on this. An opinion from the usability team could be interesting.
  • bug #105229 - From this bug there is the suggestion that for some programs the icon in the system tray could be shown only when there is activity on the application.
  • bug #117687 - When the panel is hidden, ALT+F1 could display kickoff without showing the panel. I think this is a minor issue. Anyway it could be considered.
  • bug #138077 - The reporter suggest to don't display over the icons the RMB popup in the systray. From this report I want to do a consideration. Now, when a popup is shown from the RMB in the systray, it is not positioned in the same way for all the applications. Kmix, kgpg and kwallett, for example, displays the popup on the side of the panel, instead other apps, like kmail, akregator or the device notifier, displays the popup starting from the mouse cursor.
  • bug #154482 - Here the reporter suggest to add the possibility to clone an application launcher. The specific case is when you have an application launcher in the panel and you want a duplicate. In other words this could behave a "clone plasmoids" wish. I don't know if it could be interesting. Anyway I've added to this list for further thoughts.
  • bug #150808 - This idea is not so bad: the reporter suggests to add shortcuts to application launchers in panels. Being application launchers plasmoids and having plasmoids the possibility to have a shortcut it could be logical to being implented.
    • But I've an objection: shortcuts can be assigned from kickoff so I don't know if this feature is really useful.
  • bug #67804 - On this bug there are some suggestion of new grouping settings:
  1. Number of minimum taskbuttons (All apps) required to group. // MAX_task_buttons=5
  2. Number of Application task buttons (ONE app) required to group // MAX_<appname>_task_buttons=4
  3. Disable grouping for specific application // MAX_<appname>_task_button=0 ;zero=disable
I think the current implementation is enough. Adding those parameter add only a lot of confusion without any sense.
  • bug #67180 - This wish could be a nice feature: the reporter asks to add chimes to the clock. :-)
  • bug #63199 - This bug suggest to group panels together. Being stacked panels not implemented in plasma, this could be fallback to the "grid plasmoids" in containments. Implementing a plasmoid grid could be interesting. And maybe it has already been requested.
  • bug #61393 - CTRL+click on taskbar entries could select all clicked tasks in order to right click and interact with them all (for example for closing all selected windows).
  • bug #60444 - Show the most significant part of the window title when the task width is short.
  • bug #85043 - panel in the bottom, panel on the left, which panel is shown in the corner? try using a hiding panel :-) maybe it has been reported on KDE 4 too.
  • bug #159480 - Hiding labels from the taskbar was already requested for KDE3.

Some particular requests

  • bug #98867 - The reporter asks a way to differentiate tasks from different virtual desktops on the taskbar. The idea is to use colors or to group them. Sincerly I don't think this is a good idea.
  • bug #93282 - Drag and drop an application from the menu or the panel to one virtual desktops in the pager applet in order to starts the dropped application in that VT.
  • bug #84444 - Add context menu on taskbar, like save, print, open. Related to the specific applications. It looks quite a very rare use case.
  • bug #121694 - Popup on pager could allow to click on apps to switch to that desktop and focus the clicked application.
  • bug #145498 - Allow to use panels and system tray only using keyboard.



Other bugs / wishes

Looking on old Kicker and KDesktop bugs, some related problems have been found:

  • When a plasmoid is removed and after it is re-added, it could be useful to restore

the old settings. This idea has been already requested for KDE 4: bug #189852

  • Fuzzy clock has still some issues: on KDE 3 version some users requested (in more than one report) that the fuzzy clock could have a fixed size and eventually the text in it could wrap. Really I don't think it is a good idea. The problem is that the width of the fuzzy clock is not fixed so the objects in the panel could move when the fuzzy clock expands/shrinks.
    • The fuzzy clock should be tested on vertical panels too: now the text is trimmed.
  • Bug to check in KDE 4: When group tasks is enabled, the tasks titles should be updated if the window title is updated.
  • Multiscreen/xinerama. There were some bugs on multiple monitor settings. They looks quite solved on KDE4 anyway I've only reproduced one: disabling a secondary monitor with nvidia twinview, doesn't move the opened windows of that screen to the current one.

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