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Bugs needing attention from Kopete developers

If the issue raised in a bug is a complex one, and it is not obvious whether it is fixed, or is going to be fixed, or the issue is a policy decision, list the bug report here for handling by a Kopete developer.

  • bug #147588 Not sure whether this is really a bug report or a more like a feature request dtritscher
  • bug #120379 There is no Connection-Status-Plugin in the KDE4 version. But the Autoconnect checkbox seems to work Romanesen
  • bug #159229 Is that a bug?? It seems like advice to the developers. gkiagia
  • bug #141021 I can confirm the described behaviour, but I'm not sure whether this is really a bug. dtritscher
  • bug #124869 I can confirm the problem. E.g. default chat style uses configured base font size, where "Simply Smooth" style does not. But I'm not sure whether this is a bug, or a feature. dtritscher
  • bug #113794 There is some slowness in the history viewer, but not when searching. I am not sure if it can be improved or not... gkiagia
  • bug #111965 While I can confirm the behaviour described in the report, I'm not sure whether this is really a bug or more a wishlist item dtritscher
  • bug #148208 Sounds like the event loop is not run while receiving a message and if receiving takes a long time, it will freeze the ui. Is that possible to reproduce? Or maybe it's not a kopete bug? Not sure... gkiagia
  • bug #154027 The reporter says it works now, but for some reason the kopete developers that replied after him did not close the bug. The fact that it was solved seems unrelated to the solution that the reporter gives, probably. I cannot confirm the bug, but still not sure... gkiagia
  • bug #156127 I cannot reproduce this, but I think I have seen it before and brot claims he has seen it too... I am not sure what we should do about this. There is no clear way to reproduce. gkiagia
  • bug #139307 This is fixed in KDE4, but a worse behavior has replaced it. I've created a new bug to describe the new behavior: bug #167496 kwilliam
  • bug #74075 Library stuff. Low level.Blauzahl

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