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Bugs with step-by-step instructions

If you have provided step by step instructions on how to reproduce a bug, please list the bug here.

  • bug #146122 can reproduce the testcase katastrophe
  • bug #146173 still there... i think its valid, but not really sure katastrophe
  • bug #145244 - Requesting a SPKAC ASN.1 certificate at doesn't work. Reproducible on 4.1.2. Lemma
  • bug #145318 - Mounting devices in /etc/fstab in konqueror/dolphin. I couldn't test this myself but the reporter reproduces the bug sporadically (last time 2 weeks ago on 4.1). Lemma
  • bug #156192 - Ctrl+L does not clean url bar when the completion window is shown. Jtamate

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