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Division of Labour

Please choose a month that is not already taken and then query for all bugs in that month. Please mark you irc nickname in the table below to show which month's bugs you are working on to avoid duplication of effort.

The bugzilla query to use for this triage day can be found here. Be sure to correct the dates to the month which you will triage before running the query.

The most recent months (2008+) should be done by people using recent SVN trunk. In general, the most recent version you can use of 4, the better.

With these more recent bugs, if the report has been looked at by a developer (i.e. they cc'd themself or commented on it or posted a patch), and it seems like the issue is fixed, BUT the developer didn't close it, make sure the bug really can be closed. Often it can't.

Does flash work or not? And other commentary on bugs you come across that have flash in them:

Month/time period No of bugs IRC Nickname Status Query
2004-01-1 12 Query
2006-01-1 17 Query
2007-01-1 19 Query
2007-06-1 24 Query
2007-06-2 25 Query
2007-08-1 20 Query
2007-08-2 21 Query
2007-09-1 20 Query
2007-09-2 18 Query
2007-10-1 18 Query
2007-10-2 17 Query
2007-10-3 18 Query
2007-11-1 18 Query
2007-11-2 18 Query
2007-11-3 19 Query
2007-11-4 20 Query
2007-12-1 21 Query
2007-12-2 20 Query
2007-12-3 21 Query
2007-12-4 20 Query
2008-01-3 26 Query
2008-01-4 25 Query
2008-02-2 25 Query
2008-02-3 22 Query
2008-05-2 13 jtamate working Query
2008-05-03 18 Query
2008-06-01 18 Query
2008-06-02 19 Query
2008-06-03 17 Query
2008-06-04 15 Query
2008-07-01 20 Query
2008-07-02 19 Query
2008-07-03 17 Query
2008-07-04 11 Query
2008-07-05 12 Query
2008-08-01 18 Query
2008-08-02 18 Query
2008-08-03 11 Query
2008-08-04 18 Query
2008-08-05 23 Query
2008-09-01 10 Query
2008-09-02 17 Query
2008-09-03 19 Query
2008-09-04 17 Query
2008-09-05 14 Query
2008-10-01 15 Query
2008-10-02 20+ don't pick this. it's growing :) Query

(Total bugs: max. 868, probably less)

Completed Bugs

Below lists the various sections for completed bugs. This aids everyone in double checking each other's work. In addition this allows those of us that don't have bugzilla permissions to list bugs so that the folks with the permissions can follow up.

Please note that this is an experimental layout designed to reduce the number of edit conflicts on this page. Each section is its own subpage. The best way to work with this is to enable section editing by going to "My preferences" > "editing" > "Enable section editing via [edit] links". When you click edit you will automatically edit the subpage.

Contribute/Bugsquad/BugDays/KdelibsOngoing1/Bugs to be marked as TRIAGED

Bugs no longer present in 4.x

If a bug is reported against a version of KDE before 4.0, but the bug can no longer be reproduced in KDE 4.x, then it should be listed here. Please do not close the bug. The kdelibs developers would like to check each one before they are closed.

  • bug #71801 No flickering in kde4 in a pII 200Mhz.
  • bug #80097 the shortkeys works fine and detects the correct keys.
  • bug #81667 the information window is good now.

Bugs needing version field changed

Bugs should be listed here if their version field is invalid (i.e. it is listed as "unspecified") and they are still present in KDE 4, so that the version field can be corrected. In general, we are not changing the version numbers.

Functionality not present or moved out ouf konqueror in 4.x

Add the bug here if it describes something which is not present in 4.x.

Bugs with test-cases Added

Bugs with a testcase (an example of how to reproduce the bug), but not [Testcase] in the title, should be entered below.

Bugs with step-by-step instructions

If you have provided step by step instructions on how to reproduce a bug, please list the bug here.

Bugs to be marked as RESOLVED

Bugs filed against KDE 4 (ie, only very recent ones) that can no longer be reproduced should be listed here. Bugs filed against earlier versions of KDE that can no longer be reproduced should be listed in the section above.

Bugs to be marked as INVALID

Bugs which are no longer valid go here. A link to the bug and why it qualifies as invalid should be provided.

Some examples of when a bug should be closed as INVALID:

  • The reported behavior is not a bug
  • The bug is completely unrelated to KDE

This list is not exhaustive. If you feel a bug is invalid for any other reason, be sure to list it here, mentioning why you think it is invalid.

Bugs to be marked as DUPLICATE

Duplicates found should be placed here with a link to the bug which you think it is a duplicate of.

Bugs that should be WISHES

Sometimes there are bugs that are actually wishlist items. If you think a bug is not really a bug please put it here.

Bugs needing users with particular setups

Bugs that require particular software or hardware that you don't have available should be listed here with a description of the non-standard requirement.

Non english locales

Bugs requiring non-English locales should be listed here, along with the locale they require.

Bugs needing attention from kdelibs developers

Add bugs here if you need to find out whether the observed behavior is intended, or if there's some other reason that it would be useful for a kdelibs developer to take a look. Make sure you indicate why the bug needs attention from them.

Bugs awaiting feedback

NB. Feedback should only be requested for bugs if you have tried and failed to reproduce them or if the report contains insufficient information to try and reproduce the bug. Requesting feedback for a bug should be seen as a last resort only.

Bugs for which feedback has been requested, which should be revisited in 30 days to see if there's any response. Please list all bugs here for which feedback has been requested.

Bugs not related to today

Bugs that are not related to today's target application should be listed here so they can be reassigned to the correct bugzilla product.

Bugs that you can't do

If you have bugs in your month that you can't do, and no-one has been able to help you with on IRC, please list them here for someone else to have a look at.

High Profile

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