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Valid bugs with step-by-step instructions

If it is a deterministic bug, put it here. Make sure it has instructions. You should be able to verify it. (Write that you did on bugzilla and include your version information.)

  • bug #159989 - focus stealing. I can reproduce it, but also there is a simple workaround. Jtamate
  • bug #170488 - windows resizes.I can reproduce it, marked as NEW. also it is quite simple to reproduce. Jtamate
  • bug #182447 - black border after playing game using OpenGL. Reproducible on GeForce 8600 with 256.35. Lemma
  • bug #186192 - repaint-loop bug (cpu usage) with wobbly windows. Reproducible for me. Lemma
  • bug #187539 - Special application settings are not saved/loaded. I can reproduce this bug. Lemma
  • bug #112924 - mazimize, Minimize and restore sound triggered even when the window is resized/moved manually FiNeX
  • bug #136856 - Drag icons doesn't trigger "change desktop" Touching desktop edges FiNeX
  • bug #141220 - B2 decoration is broken with compositing on KDE4. Anyway the automatic title move doesn't work on KDE4 FiNeX
  • bug #142040 - focus follow mouse setting issue after closing menu FiNeX
  • bug #148902 - Maximizing a window below another one, Doesn't move the focus on it even if the "click to focus" Policy is active. I don't know if this is a bug or the wanted behaviour. This should be a wish. FiNeX
  • bug #174671 - Bug confirmed: Panels doesn't follow the main window when it is moved on another desktop FiNeX
  • bug #175724 - confirmed: Rmb on background window doesn't raise it FiNeX
    • this is a wontfix
  • bug #189241 - I've the inverse problem: When the menu on the system tray is opened, The shadow appears only after some seconds and only if I've hovered a menu with a sub-menu: When the submenu is closed the shadows appears FiNeX
  • bug #135057 - Application sometimes starts on a different desktop FiNeX
  • bug #133179 - Not a bug. IMHO the behaviour is correct. The second time you click on the mp3 file, The command called for reproduce it doesn't start a new audacious/xmms istance but it append the file on the playlist so keeping the focus on the file manager should be correct FiNeX
    • Thomas L: it is a bug
  • bug #179758 - Translucency of inactive windows works for me FiNeX
    • but not for Thomas L.

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