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Application specific tips

At Beta5 the state of KWord is that the application has been stabilized to a large extend and all present features should work with small exceptions. The loading and saving of documents has not received a lot of attention and therefor it is well known that there will be loads of problems in loading ODFs. So testing KWord by loading may give you some silly results beware of that. And I'd rather have interaction and new document creation be the focus of testing due to that. (ThomasZ)


Please put your IRC nickname and KOffice svn revision number (or beta5) in the table if you are testing this app.

IRC Nickname KOffice svn revision number tested Testing details
Grundleborg r916455 In progress...
Blauzahl r916720 Let's go!
m4v r917484 I'm done.


Please list all bugs found in the application below here. Remember to sign every comment you write on this wiki page with ~~~.

  • After starting kword, with the colorful document, the default tool is Text Editing, without doing anything else, when I choose Paragraph tool, the options bars docker suffer a little colapse. Look at:
    Kword toolbar1.png
    • NOTE: It happens also with a lot of tools.
    • NOTE: This only happens with the colorful document, with a blank document it does not happen.
    • I get an overlay like this in krita: The "snapping" box over the upper left hand area of the main thing. So maybe it is something common?Blauzahl
      • Apparently the technical term is "docker". "small gray block with fancy items that's never in the place you want it"--slangkamp
  • The tool toolbar can not be horizontally srinked to only one or two tools (specially usefull on small screens). Jtamate
    • NOTE: This only happens with one user account (that has used previous betas), with a fresh new account it does not happen.
    • Can't reproduce with my user either (and I did use previous version with it). Can this be considered fixed? Lemma
    • Acc. to Jtamate reproducible using this config: [1]
  • With a chart in a document, autosave crashed (unfortunately I can not provide backtraces) Jtamate
    • I didn't get that. However I don't know if autosave kicked in somewhen. Lemma
  • Predefined Format does not revert paragraph formats. Jtamate
    • I'm not quite sure I know what you mean. Default format? I think I don't know which menu item I need to test this. Lemma
  • The paragraph formats does have some problems with the second line in the right part. It is always displaced to the right. Jtamate
    • Not sure I understand what you mean. Lemma
  • Selecting "character tipography", in spanish "tipo de letra", there is no tipography preview (very usefull). Jtamate
    • Couldn't find this option. Lemma
  • Selecting "character tipography", in spanish "tipo de letra", the cursor is a hand in the tipography, but not in the size or format. Jtamate
    • Couldn't find this option. Lemma
  • Default initial font is insanely small. Smaller than the icon fonts. Barely readable here. Blauzahl
    • For me the default font size is 12pt. Can you still reproduce? Lemma
  • I save a document as a .kwd. I then try to open a new copy of it, and get this message: Could not open blah.kwd Reason: Parsing error in root at line 1, column 1 Error message: unexpected end of file Blauzahl
    • I can't save to .kwd. Lemma
  • if you use the default tool for 'select' the page, then edit -> delete page does not crash, but undoing doesn't return the text, just an empty page. m4v delete page seems disabled. m4v
    • Somehow I got strange crashes as well for this one. But still not sure what I did to make it happen. Lemma
  • the indenting handles in the ruler only work in the single line where the cursor is, selecting a paragraph doesn't change this. I would expect them to affect the whole document unless there's selected text. m4v
    • Seems intuitive for me. But maybe the behaviour changed and we're seeing different things. Lemma
Still there (and reported)
  • Changing to some tools, the window height is increased beyond the screen limit. Jtamate
  • When the view is divided, the toolbars dockers are multiplied. Look at:
  • In decoration (text properties), the ... button clears the color section. Is not better a <x button? Jtamate
    • Has an icon of its own now (broom with an X) Lemma
  • if you add a shape in a paragraph, the text moves around the shape, but if you next delete the shape, the text doesn't returns like it was before. m4v
  • creating a shape with a stroke width really big, like 20, can hide the text around it. m4v
  • undoing can fail. m4v
    1. write several lines of text, I tried with 6 lines with a word each
    2. select all the lines, and hit backspace
    3. ctrl+z for undo, not all lines are restored
  • crash while using split view. m4v
    1. start a blank doc.
    2. split view
    3. try *right* clicking in one view or the other, eventually I get a crash.
No longer there
  • Find does nothing. Hope the find interface will change to something similar to what kate has. Jtamate Find works for me. Lemma
  • The hand drawing plots are not saved (or loaded). What I wrote:

Screen with free hand drawings.png
But only the text is restored. If there are some things that can not be saved or restored, it should be shown when saving the file.Jtamate
Paths, handdrawn paths and calligraphy paths save and load again correctly for me. Lemma

  • There is no menu entry to configure Kword (including Autosave time) Jtamate
    • This had been reported as bug #181604. It was closed as the issue is known and the developers don't plan to include this in the 2.0 release. Lemma
  • Overstriking more than one text line, only does it good in the first line. The others get overstriked at the end. Jtamate Works as expected now. Lemma
  • Open document dialog is giving me a one line list of files, ie one row, no columns. Very hard to read. Probably in other areas of koffice. Blauzahl
    • I now get the default KDE file open dialog. Lemma
  • crash when deleting a page m4v delete page seems disabled. m4v
    1. start a blank document
    2. write something
    3. add a page break
    4. write something more
    5. edit -> delete page
    6. crash
  • crash when selecting any template from the envelopes or cards and labels groups. m4v fixed m4v

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