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This page wraps up previos kmail and kdepim bugdays. It lists stuff still to do (for triagers or developers).

  • Rnd is a placeholder for RESOLVED (FIXED or WORKSFORME), double-check needed :)

If you have handled a bug, please mark the bug number using <s> and </s>.



This section is for Bugsquad. The bugs in this list still need someone to double-check and (hopefully) close them.

Bug triaged by resolution comment
bug #66001 dtritscher Rnd Couldn't reproduce
bug #115821 jtamate Rnd the entry is not duplicated in the imap server.
bug #115310 jtamate Rnd I've never been asked the passphrase.
bug #111786 jtamate Rnd MDN and dimap sync can coexist
bug #139551 jtamate Rnd folder rights
bug #139726 jtamate Rnd scroll up/down
bug #140747 jtamate Rnd there is a template for new messages
bug #106580 katastrophe Rnd no comment
bug #106932 katastrophe Rnd no comment
bug #107997 katastrophe Rnd no comment
bug #114779 timocin Rnd kontact prefereces window has unchangeable huge size when time/date . Can't reproduce on svn trunk r867544.
bug #161445 lemma Rnd Exporting events as html yields wrong order (not chronological). Can't reproduce on trunk r865573.
bug #161648 lemma Rnd Strange display of multi-day events in monthview. No longer reproducible on trunk r865573.
bug #162007 lemma Rnd Copying recurring events using copy/paste creates new recurring events. No longer reproducible on trunk r865573.
bug #78996 gkiagia Rnd Fixed. The treeview in the config dialog displays all text and there is no splitter. -- NEEDS version field change, but there is no version info available.
bug #104429 JontheEchidna Rnd Contact notes don't wrap when printed. No longer reproducible in KDE 4.1.2.
bug #103749 JontheEchidna Rnd Add to address book doesn't work w/ IMAP. Couldn't reproduce in KDE 4.1.2.
bug #158511 lemma Rnd Can't select events without previously selecting a free time slice. No longer reproducible on trunk r865573.
bug #158905 lemma Rnd No entries in GHNS. Works for me in trunk r865573.
bug #159060 lemma Rnd Moved/copied events end up at the wrong time. Can't reproduce on trunk r865573.
bug #156487 lemma Rnd Defaults from settings are not used for new events. Not reproducible on r865573.
bug #156590 lemma Rnd Events in resources use the resource instead of the default colour. Not reproducible on r865573 as resource colours can be disabled.
bug #157228 lemma Rnd Timezones in korganizer. Both events render at the same time of day. Not reproducible in r865573.
bug #157268 lemma Rnd Events disappearing on changing date. Not reproducible in r865573.
bug #157779 lemma Rnd To-dos not appearing if their name is all lowercase. Not reproducible in r865573.
bug #87029 lemma Rnd Removing the default resource in kaddressbook, recreates it when restarting. No longer reproducible in r865573.
bug #75087 finex Rnd Closing korganizer works right even using remote calendars.
bug #163446 grundleborg Rnd Can't reproduce.
bug #171618 timocin Rnd Calendar reminder box 'Edit' button does nothing. Allready fixed in svn trunk r865658.
bug #152085 lemma Rnd korganizer too big for 800x600, can't reproduce on trunk r865573.
bug #152358 lemma Rnd day in dayview sometimes printed twice. can't reproduce on trunk r865573.
bug #152381 lemma Rnd events in the view only updated on changing the view (after editing them). can't reproduce on trunk r865573, probably even a duplicate.
bug #153358 lemma Rnd korganizer crashes for calendars prior to Octover 1952. can't reproduce on trunk r865573.
bug #165499 grundleborg Rnd seems fixed in trunk.
bug #99062 finex Rnd No more annoying repeated error messages.
bug #166526 grundleborg Rnd Fixed in trunk.
bug #97286 gkaigia Rnd I can't reproduce. The "what's this" button always stays in place.
bug #103096 finex Rnd Date labels on calendar are shown correctly at startup.
bug #102120 finex Rnd Duplicated bug and already fixed.
bug #158220 lemma Rnd crash with imported bugzilla ics file. Can't reproduce on trunk r865573 but I'm on bugzilla 3.x, not 2.x as mentioned in the bug. Asked reporter to retry. Problem is no longer there.
bug #97371 gkiagia Rnd I think it is safe to close this, although from the users POV, the notes label text is not aligned correctly (but in fact everything is aligned in the center)
bug #171502 timocin Rnd Opening kontact config dialog while in the knote part freezes kontact. Not reproducible on svn trunk r865570.


The bugs in this section need a developer to look at them for various reasons. Due to the additional information provided by Bugsquad this is supposed to be fast.


Bugs in this section are presumably INVALID.

Bug triaged by comment
bug #54476 dtritscher Basically I can confirm that issue, but as it is caused by a wrong mimetype set by MS Outlook this should be marked as INVALID.


Bugs in this section are presumably DUPLICATES of other bugs.

Bug triaged by duplicate of comment
bug #88603 gkiagia bug #90479 I created a new folder that can contain subfolders and then it disappeared from kmail. No matter what I do, this folder does not appear at all in kmail, so I cannot test this bug.
bug #90275 gkiagia bug #85896 This is a bug specific to a kde 3.2->3.3 upgrade. Must be a duplicate of bug #85896
bug #140543 jtamate bug #140429 no comment
bug #68345 finex bug #68345 Seems a dup of bug #64342. jtamate: They are similar, but in 64342, the timezone of the application is moved (and also is in solaris), and in 68345 only the appointment is displaced.


Bugs in this section are presumably wishlist items.

Bug triaged by comment
bug #145119 jtamate looks like a wish. To detect if an attached file is compressed and unchecking the compress check box, to send it uncompressed.
bug #81211 gkiagia The bug itself is not reproducable, but there is still a minor slugginess with that mail icon behind the cursor that we might be able to improve...
bug #94878 dtritscher Quite sure this is a wish
bug #92696 dtritscher Not sure about that, but that should go as WISH to kdelibs
bug #103807 lemma Layout of the composer window. This could be made a wish.
bug #139293 jtamate subfolders not inherit parent identity settings.
bug #158492 lemma Reporter wants a "Suspend all" button on the reminder form. Definitely a wish.
bug #124376 katastrophe is a wish i think
bug #110190 unknown Clearly a wish. probably already implemented
bug #91777 lemma DBus sendMessage() reply doesn't indicate if the mail was sent. This is by design.


This section contains bug that someone deemed more important than the other bugs.

Bug triaged by comment
bug #95064 lemma Mails getting duplicated by KMail (IMAP). Seems to be tied to certain setups and I can't reproduce myself. tmcguire suggested it was most likely still there.


Bugs in this section need special attention for various reasons. They mostly concern policy decisions.

Bug triaged by reason comment
bug #69379 gkiagia unsure This is a JJ which I cannot test simply because I don't know how to trigger on purpose an imap error message. However, I think it should be easy for a kmail developer to tell if this has been implemented or not by looking at the code :)
bug #86127 lemma policy Policy decision regarding persistent connections on dIMAP and modal dialog boxes on connection loss.
bug #85896 lemma outdated Bug related to upgrading from KDE 3.2.x to 3.3b1. Some discussion happened on the bug. Please check if it can be closed.
bug #90386 gkiagia policy I don't really understand that. It looks like a policy decision.
bug #125887 sahaqiel policy This could be by design, the delete button isn't in the messageviewer toolbar (and isn't even possible), maybe because deleting permanently an open message could lead to crashes? Anyway still present in 3.5.x and 4.1.1
bug #125265 sahaqiel special This bug requires a corrupt index from what i gathered. Don't know how to test, and don't know if it's still an issue.
bug #149698 jtamate policy the user has is TMPDIR not in /tmp, so clamd can not check its mails. The question is, shoul he know how to change the rights in is tmp folder or should kmail use always /tmp to spawn processes.
bug #85475 gkiagia policy This is actually two bugs in one. The first one is a policy decision (whether kmail should refuse to open malformated emails that do not include the MIME-Version header) and the second one is a related bug.
bug #93725 dtritscher unsure No idea how to reproduce it. Additionally I don't know what addional infos I should request from the reporter.
bug #104288 lemma patch Tobias Koenig attached a patch for this bug. Not sure if that one made it in. Please check.
bug #157961 vperic policy Message headers need to have quotes in some cases, according to some standard mentioned in the bug report.
bug #157097 vperic unsure Involves manual deletion of ".index*" files - Lemma said I should mention it here.
bug #158535 vperic unsure Works fine for me. --VPeric. Works fine for Lemma and apparently tmcguire as well. Reporter used the enterprise branch. What should we do about that bug?
bug #93812 lemma unsure needs a Courier IMAP server. reporter was asked if the bug was still reproducible in 2005 but hasn't replied, patch existing on a duplicate bug (123563, thiago). not sure if it was applied. - likely to be FIXED according to tmcguire, asked for reporter's feedback. Reporter's setup changed so he can't reproduce. I think we should recheck if that patch went in and close as WORKSFORME.
bug #101425 tictric policy Is not reproducible for us since we have no mail with that particular to, from and cc situation at hand. Furthermore this reported bug could also be considered as a different point of view that can but doesn't have to be shared. See it as a policy decision.
bug #101785 tictric policy I could not reproduce that a mail doesn't get displayed correctly at first in trunk (though I know that behaviour from previous versions) but there seems to be different ideas about what messages should be displayed first when I enter a (imap)folder. My question also is if this should be configurable
bug #94777 lemma unsure Read mails reappear as unread. I seem to have seen this once or twice but I don't remember how to reproduce.
bug #84927 gkiagia unsure I don't know how to reproduce but there is a comment stating that this is present in 4.1.0. I asked for instructions.
bug #161181 lemma unsure korganizer week-view LTR/RTL. There was some conversation and some patches flowing. Not sure about the status.
bug #83107 gkiagia wontfix VERY minor issue, maybe a WONTFIX. A developer should decide if this is going to be fixed or not.
bug #158660 lemma developer Size of the korganizer reminder dialog, Allen Winter has been on it. low priority
bug #158661 lemma developer Edit recurrence button, Allen Winter has been on it.
bug #159247 lemma developer crash, hard to describe. Allen Winter has been on it.
bug #156601 lemma unsure Allen Winter fixed this and asked for reply but didn't receive any. I think it should be WORKSFORME.
bug #158491 lemma policy User suggests shift+delete on groupware resources should delete irrevocably. I'm not sure about that. Policy?
bug #32043 finex unsure Bug partially solved, local calendar saved automatically, in case of crash the information are not lost. The error message (when the save operation is not possible due to problems) should be improved.
bug #151827 lemma policy Remote file korganizer resource behaviour (use on multiple pcs). Reproducible on trunk r865573.
bug #151979 lemma policy Dragging To-dos to the calendar view. Policy. r865573.
bug #93670 gkiagia wontfix Support for opening multiple korganizer windows when korganizer is embedded in kontact. Policy stuff... IMHO, this should be changed to wishlist, wontfix.
bug #165212 grundleborg developer winterz, what to do with this one???
bug #165561 grundleborg unsure feature request? Will it be implemented?
bug #165599 grundleborg policy What's the intended behaviour in this situation?
bug #166118 grundleborg policy Does KMail store passwords outside of KWallet at all?
bug #101042 gkiagia wontfix Reproducable, minor. maybe a WONTFIX?
bug #123814 katastrophe unsure i think this is a valid bug
bug #60138 fvilas,lemma unsure Triaged as not reproducible. However not sure about it.
bug #57341 fvilas,lemma unsure Triaged as not reproducible. However not sure about it.
bug #57008 lemma unsure Triaged as not reproducible. However not sure about it.
bug #80995 opensourcecat policy It is not clear if this can be implemented. "wish" doesn't apply.
bug #83038 opensourcecat unknown devs have to check that
bug #37898 lemma important,unsure a lot of discussion, probably fixed
bug #49310 lemma unsure this might be resolved
bug #51410 lemma policy behaviour of the sign button when switching identities
bug #57192 lemma policy sticky identity overwrites identity if editing drafts. bug or wish?
bug #75045 jlp unsure bug couldn't be triggered, but is it fixed?
bug #77058 jlp policy this might not be a bug

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