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Bugs with step-by-step instructions

If the bug has proper step-by-step instructions to reproduce the bug it should go here. Actually most reproducible bugs should end up in this section.

  • bug #167960 when gpg-agent is not there, kmail sends encrypted mails without asking the password, even if it does not have it yet. Jtamate
  • bug #158757 - No KMail wizard when used inside Kontact. Still reproducible on r948809. Lemma
  • bug #159087 - Enterprise header's envelope icon covers text. Still reproducible on r948809. Lemma
  • bug #159219 - Entering a non-existant dns name as smtp host doesn't tell you that the host wasn't found. Still reproducible on r948809. Lemma
  • bug #161228 Removing attachments from forwarded messages saved in draft, doesn't fully remove them. FiNeX
  • bug #159789 - Signature inserted at wrong position. Still reproducible on r948809. Lemma
  • bug #162028 Confirmed on trunk too: "reply to" field is emptied if saving a draft which use an identity which is not the default one. FiNeX
  • bug #146527 can be reproduced by Dario_Andres Tabs are replaced with spaces in the message quote when replying a selected paragraph
  • bug #161700 - folder list has to be synced manually after creating a dIMAP account. Lemma
  • bug #161706 - Choosing the right sender identity when replying to mailinglist-mails (my address is in the "Delivered-To" header). Still reproducible Lemma
  • bug #163978 - If the subject of a message you compose ends with "KMail" the " - KMail" suffix in the window title disappears. Still reproducible. Lemma
  • bug #166382 Printing HTML emails from composer window, it doesn't print the email text. FiNeX
  • bug #166922 Confirmed in trunk too: printing doesn't respect the font size. FiNeX
  • bug #164550 - Distorted config dialog when using big fonts. Still reproducible. Lemma
  • bug #185411 - It's scanning gmail imap account folders in alphabetical order. Even inbox is not scanned first. Ruchir
  • bug #161696 - folder drop and drag problem: can't drag to root (imap, but might not matter) Blauzahl
  • bug #147705 - KMail tries to search non-existant folder on online IMAP account. Reproducible. Lemma
  • bug #148512 - Local folders can be given illegal names. Still reproducible on trunk r948809. Lemma
  • bug #148858 - When marking a message inside the trash folder the main menu still shows "Move to Trash" item. Lemma
  • bug #153603 - I could reproduce by creating mail in text editor as per the to field mentioned by reporter and then opening in kmail. Ruchir
    • Can not reproduce on 1.11.2 Ruchir
  • bug #152180 - Reproducible in both kmail 1.9.10 & 1.11.2. Gmail imap folder "[Gmail]" can not be selected for subscription/unsubscription.Ruchir
  • bug #148792 - Copying a folder with "." in the name to an IMAP server that uses it as path separator doesn't work. Reproducible. Lemma
  • bug #185595 I could reproduce this on small dimap folders. It stops at the mails having large attachments(>5MB). Ruchir
  • bug #170940 I could reproduce this on 1.11.2 but not sure if that's correct behavior, so added mcguire in cc. Ruchir
  • bug #169023 Reproducible on 1.11.2. Added more info to reproduce and backtrace of crash. Ruchir
  • bug #169702 I could reproduce once on 1.11.2 immediately after following reporter's steps. Ruchir
  • bug #171800 I could reproduce on 1.11.2. Drag-drop attachment has always only read permissions. Ruchir
  • bug #171275 Couldn't reproduce myself but tmcguire confirmed this race condition. Ruchir
  • bug #153171 - Reproducible on trunk revision 958061 following reporter's steps exactly. Ruchir

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