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New bugs

It's certainly possible that you find new bugs while triaging existing bugs. Just put new bugs you found in this section as soon as you have filed a bug report for them.

Please make sure you check for existing reports before you file the bug. We don't want to create more work by filing DUPLICATES. You can also ask other people on the channel if they experience the same bug or know of duplicates.

  • bug #171786 - Sending free-busy information/invitations by mail doesn't work. Lemma
  • bug #171787 - korganizer crashed on scrolling the weekview. Lemma
  • bug #171788 - Strange behaviour of the Attendee list on creating/modifying an event. Lemma
  • bug #171789 - Copied/moved recurring events still carry "hidden" reccurrence information. Lemma
  • bug #171796 - imaps:// crashes Konq/Dolphin. JontheEchidna
  • bug #171798 - If there's an error on importing calendars with GetHotNewStuff, the error notification is shown BELOW the GHNS window. Lemma
  • bug #171799 - Wish, usability (?): Recurrence tab for To-dos, recurrence dialog for events
  • bug #171797 - korganizer crashed during shutdown (egroupware, KXMLRPC, K_GLOBAL_STATIC related) gkiagia

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