What is the Bugsquad?

The Bugsquad is a team of people who are responsible for keeping the KDE bug database (known as bugzilla) in order.

Our aims include:

  • removing old bugs that are now fixed from bugzilla
  • reproducing new bugs and providing more detail to make it easier for developers to fix them
  • finding and reporting bugs in KDE software.

This work is known as bug triage.

What skills do I need to join?

The bugsquad is a very easy and useful way to help KDE. It's a great way for people to contribute for the first time. It is not necessary for you to know any programming language to join. All you need is a copy of KDE and a little bit of spare time.

Bug triage is also good for people with limited time. Once you are familiar with what to do, you can do it for just a few minutes at a time and it will still be beneficial to the KDE community.

How do I get involed?

First, you should read the Documentation.

Next, join our mailing list and our IRC channel (#kde-bugs on which is where we coordinate our efforts.

Finally, although you can get started anytime, the best way to make your first steps in the bugsquad is to join us for one of our events.


- This is a basic introduction to how we go about checking old bugs.

- This article covers how to create a backtrace that provides useful information about a crash to developers.

- This document explains what a testcase is and what it isn't, as well as how to create a useful one to illustrate an issue.

- This article explains what information is useful to developers when Confirming a bug.

- This section contains tips on what to do and what not to do for certain applications. It is vital that you follow the advice in this section when triaging bugs for an application.


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